Top 10 Best Massage Chairs 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide!

Getting the Best massage chairs is a matter of physical and mental health that’s why it’s critical to take your time and understand all the factors involved in choosing a massage chair. We have compiled a list of 10 best massage chairs in 2020.

After a long days’ work who doesn’t like to sit in a comfortable chair which also helps you relax and relieve all the stress of the day. Massage chairs are designed for that very purpose. They’re highly efficient piece of furniture that you definitely need to have in your household.

 Best Massage ChairsIf you’re searching for a best massage chairs in 2020 in the market then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of 10 best massage chairs 2020 that are available in the market right now. We factor in several variables in making our lists so all you have to do is pick the one that suits your needs the best.

Massage chairs are the best alternatives of a going to a personal masseur or masseuses. Due the advancement in the technology in this day and age we’re blessed with the best innovation that can replace the need of going to a personal therapist every time you need to get relaxed. This also saves you a lot of time and money. Using a massage chair you can sit in a corner of your home and reduce your stress level. At ReviewsByExpert, our goal is to help you help yourself in making your life better. We have also written a article about top gym shoes in 2020 recently which again focuses on improving health.

Using massage chairs regularly has it’s own advantages as well. Most massage chairs now a days provide full body massage which help in improving the flow of blood in your body. This prevents long term cardiac diseases. It also helps you improve your mental health which in this day and age is pretty much ignored by everyone.

So let’s take a look at the top 10 best massage chairs 2020…..

Editor’s Choice – Best Massage Chair 2020

massage seat

Top-End Pick – Kahuna SM-9000

Kahuna SM-9000 is a solid brand when it comes to massage chair. If you’re looking for the best solution to your massage needs then Kahuna SM-9000 is the what you need!

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 best massage seat

Low-Budget Pick – Real Relax Zero Gravity Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a great brand and Real Relax Zero Gravity is a solid option if you’re looking for a budget-friendly massage chair that performs well despite the low price point.

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10. New Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Zero Gravity w/Heat

To start off our list on number #10 we have Shiatsu new electric full body massage chair which is one of the leading chairs out there in the market currently. In our research we found that Shiatsu is a good product that belongs in mid-level massage chair market. It’s not an entry level product because of the high-quality features it comes with and also price wise it doesn’t cost too much.Massage Chairs

As the name suggests, this chair is specifically designed to help you get proper feel of a professional Shiatsu massage. If you ever had a Shiatsu message done from a pro then you would know how relaxing they are. This chair aims to fulfill those shoes. It is designed to help you relieve tightness in your muscles and also helps with soothing aching muscles. This massage chair is pre-programmed with two types of massages. One provides you full-body massage and the other one just focuses on your back.


We feel that New Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair are good if you’re looking to give massage chairs a shot and don’t want to spend too much. They are high quality in the build compared to some other options out there. It also comes with easy access panel so you don’t have to get up to change settings or any options.

One of the negative points about this chair would be that it doesn’t recline. There are no reclining features in this chair which would mean that you would have to sit up straight the whole time. Another negative point is it doesn’t have any massaging options for your legs. If those features are something you can work without then this is definitely a good massage chair you need to look into.


9. INADA DreamWave Massage Chair

On number #9 on our list we have Inada’s DreamWave massage chair which is one of the best massage chair out there with all the leading and innovative features. If you’re looking for a complete solution and have budget for it then this one is for you. The reason we have listed this on number #9 and not on the top is because of it’s cost. Not everyone can afford this monster of a piece of furniture. But, if you can then go for this one surely.Best Massage Chairs 2019

DreamWave provides over 1,200 inches of coverage all around. It is capable of massaging every inch of your body. It comes with a body scanning technology that is exclusive to Inada only which manages to scan your body and locate the proper Shiatzu points of your body. Along with that you can also customize each and every massaging session according to your needs. It maintains your individual profile which helps you get the perfect shiatzu experience.


Overall we highly recommend this product. It comes with 16 pre-programmed massage sessions so you’re ready to go without a need to do any customization. But, it also provides you over 1000 options that you can change according to your needs if you like. Also, comes with a smartphone app so you can make all the changes easily at your comfort.

Inada DreamWave is well worth the price if you ask us. You get the quality that you expect from something that costs just under $10,000. In our research we also found that the customers who’ve used this chair are quite happy with the whole experience. You may find it a bit hectic to get things set up due to it’s size but once everything is set you’re good to go to get the perfect massaging experience that you’ve always dreamed of.

Note: If you like to have help with the set up and want this product to be delivered to you without any hassles then make sure you get it from Amazon. Amazon Concierge service are real good for products in this range so you’ll have the best experience with your purchase.


8. Osaki OS4000TB Model OS-4000T Zero Gravity Massage Chair

On number #8 we placed Osaki’s OS4000TB model which is a great overall massage chair with endless features to give you a perfect massaging experience right at your home. If you don’t want to break your bank and yet have massage chair with all the features, than this is definitely the one. Osaki OS4000TB cost significantly less than INADA DreamWave. best massage seat

The Osaki comes with updated features like foot rollers, upholstery, zero gravity, a 30 inch Roller Stroke, Body Scan Technology, S-Track Massage Robot, full body air massage, seat vibration, and heat therapy for your back. Best thing about Osaki is it’s zero gravity technology. It helps to relieve spinal pressure and drastically improve the neck and back pain. Zero gravity technology allows to improve the blood circulation, hence improving the overall blood oxygenation and lung volume. With LCD display remote control, you have the power to make changes with just a click of a button.    


Overall, we highly recommend this product for someone who wants all the features without having to destroy your bank account. It comes with new generation air massage technology, making it one of the hottest and most mechanically sound massage chairs in the market.

Osaki OS4000TB is well worth the price for amount of values it offers. For something under $2500, you get the technologically advanced massage chair shipped to your doorstep. Osaki comes with whooping 6 different massage styles. That is no joke, 6 different styles to pick from at any given time. Along with its 5 levels of speed and intensity, you will have plenty of options to find the perfect speed and style. Imagining being able to lift you calf and stretch it as you please, Osaki allows you to do just that. After long hard day, you can set a timer for anywhere from 5-30 minutes and take the most beautiful nap. We highly recommend this massage chair as there customers satisfaction rating is 100%.

Note: If you like to have help with the set up and want this product to be delivered to you without any hassles then make sure you get it from Amazon.


7. Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 with Yoga & Heating Therapy

On number #7 we placed Kahuna LM6800 model because it has all the Osaki features plus many more for cheaper price (less than $2000). If you are looking for something that cost less and has more features to offer, that Kahuna LM6800 is the right one. massage chair amazon

It comes with 3 different stages of zero gravity, something Osaki doesn’t have. This is huge, it will help you find that perfect setting to help with you neck and back pain. With its double layer shoulder airbags and extra foot padding, Kahuna can be provide you all the comfort you deserve. Kahuna uses smart body scan technology to detect your body size for individual custom fit massage. It utilizes space saving technology that allows them to be less than 3 inches away from the wall. This will ensure arms get adequate massage along with rest of the body.


Overall, this product is ideal for the price. This is perfect for someone with limited budget and in need of a massage chair with all the features. They have very easy installation, you can check the video. 

Kahuna warranty service is very attractive, it comes with limited warranty for 3 years. It covers all parts, labor and structural framework, with zero dollar out of pocket. You can register for warranty service online and request service from there website within matter of minutes. Kahuna chair ergonomic structural design ensures the best massage and it is design to fit well anywhere in your house. This is the best value chair out there, you get a lot for your money.


6. Real Relax Zero Gravity Full Body FDA Approved Affordable Shiatsu Electric Massage Chair with Heat and Foot Roller

On number #6 we placed budget friendly Real Relax Zero Gravity Shiatsu Electric Massage chair. Large number of customers are attracted to this massage chair because of the price, it costs well below $900. Unlike other high budget massage chairs, this one does not have that many features.

It comes with 4 present auto massage programs with varying intensities. This massage chair gives you similar experience like expensive massage chairs, but without you having to break the bank. It offers all the main features like zero gravity design, full body airband, foot roller, vibration, heating system, newest ergonomic design, and timer functionality. Only drawback is lof of these features only have one fixed stage. You can always use it as recliner to sleep or to rest as well when it is turned off.


Overall, this massage chair is everyone’s dream. It has everything you need for discounted price, it fulfills your need without you having to spend large chunk. This is perfect for someone with limited budget and in need of a massage chair with all the features. They have very easy installation, great warranty program, and great shipping options. In fact, we rate them #1 based on budget friendliness.

We recommend this budget friendly massage chair if you are looking to gift someone you care about. This affordable, elegant massage chair is an ideal gift choice. It’s built in heater will provide that cozy comfortable feeling, increase your blood circulation, and help speed up your metabolism. You can use your smart easy control remote to change settings and enjoy the pressure-point oriented full body massage.


5. Daiwa Massage Chair Extended L-Shaped Track Massage Chairs Legacy Massager Lounger

In number #5 we have Daiwa Massage Chair packed with features and cool technologies. Daiwa’s legacy is incomparable to other luxury chairs due to their state-of-the-art massage features. You can connect your smart phones directly to the massage chair using Bluetooth. full body massage chair

Daiwa cost around $8000, but definitely worth your money. They deliver it fast and help you set it up professionally and quickly. They will teach you how to use the different features and how everything works. Can you believe that? They will teach you everything so that you don’t have to try to find your way through the stupid manual. It may be costly, but it is totally worth the higher price for the exceptional quality and service. Daiwa has endless options to program the chair to find the program you like. They seem to thought of everything. .


In conclusion, this deserves to be higher in the rank list but due to the price factor we are placing it in number 5. It is perfect for all body types and sizes as it can accommodate people of all sizes. We recommend this technology friendly massage chair for users looking for luxurious home massage chair.

Major drawback is the cost, it is hard to spend 8k at once. Users with higher quality demand find Daiwa’s massage chair incredibly satisfying. You can use this to relax, to treat your back back, or simply to elevate the muscle stress and anxiety. Purchasing this massage chair has been so many users best decision, for example:

“…..I suffered from back pain for almost 10 years. I was not sure if I should add money to it or not, but it was one of the best decision and investment I have ever made to myself. So far i had it for 4 months and it’s been great so far.”


4. Kahuna Superior Massage Chair with SL-Track 6 Rollers – SM-7300

On number #4, we have another Kahuna but lot cheaper. The Kahuna SM-7300 is selling for around $2500 and it has been getting lot of attention. Kahuna SM-7300 have lot of similar features to Kahuna SM-9000, currently selling at $6000 discounted price. Kahuna SM-7300 is slightly similar, but it can mean a good thing. It is less bulky and takes less space. Massage Chairs

The Kahuna SM-7300 has 9 built in auto programs that allows user to pick different style and variety of massage programs. You are your these automatically preset points to target specific areas and improve the overall outcome. This massage chair is energy efficient helping you save few bucks in utilities bill.


Overall, this is higher in the rank list than Kahuna SM-9000 because of lower price and less bulky. This is discount version of Kahuna SM-9000, selling for almost 75% less. It is well equipped with space saving technology, which allows it to just 3 inches from the wall during zero-gravity transition.

It has acupoint bumps on all 6 rollers to maximize the massage effect and help user feel fresh and rejuvenated.  Users body size is detected using accupoint detection system, it is so good that it detects point on your arm. We strongly recommend this massage chair, as it is one of the best one out in the market for this price range.


3. RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II PLUS] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair with Built-In Heat and Air Massage System

We placed RelaxonChair MK-II Plus at position #3 based on price to value ratio. It is selling around $2000 and has been receiving lot of positive customer feedback, in fact 100% customer satisfaction. It comes with redesigned remote controller allowing you to operate with one hand. Relaxonchair is growing so fast it has produced few great quality massage chair, one built to address the customer needs.Full Body Massage Chairs

RelaxonChair MK-II Plus is made with customer needs in mind, it is equipped with 100s of features to allow user to have smooth massage. Your experienced is maximized with 3 different ultra-automatic zero gravity stages. During zero gravity, Relaxonchair readjust to elevate your feet to the same height as your heart. This has lot of significant positive impact in our body. Zero gravity reduces the gravity strain on your back, relieves back discomfort and pain, and it improves overall heart function by allowing it to work less and relax more.


Overall, this is rank number #3 because of higher value to price ratio. RalaxonChair popularity is growing, increased number of users are purchasing this because of price point. You get all the features present in higher price point massage chairs without having to compromise for significantly discounted price. It is well equipped with space saving technology, it just needs to be 3 inches away from the wall during zero-gravity transition. It is less bulky, which means you can easily move around when cleaning or vacuuming the house.

We highly recommend this to users looking for efficient yet reasonably priced massage chair. RalaxonChair comes with built-in computerized body scanner which automatically measure user’s spine length using buttock L-tracking massage system. Their new rolling system glides from neck area down to the button to provide full body massage effectively. This chair is win win for the price point, as it is one of the hottest massage chair out in the market that focuses more on customer satisfaction rather than profit margin.


2. Panasonic MAJ7 Real Pro Ultra Premium 3d Luxury Full Body Heated Massage Recliner Chair

Panasonic MAJ7 deserves to be placed at number #2 spot for its elegant look and countless cool features. In fact, we were debating to place it in number #1 spot but couldn’t simply because of price. It is selling around $10000 and has been number 1 choice for high end massage chair users. It has perfect customer rating (5 out of 5) and 100% customer satisfaction.2019 Massage Chairs

Panasonic MAJ7 3D is very powerful and advanced high end massage chair with ability to “restore healthful flexibility and well-being in the neck, spine, check, pelvis, lower, mid-back, and lower back. It can soothe your tensed muscles in neck area, back areas, shoulders, legs, calves, and even your arms. It utilizes 3D  independent drive to provide dexterities similar to the human hand to mimic more natural, effective, and soothing massage experience. Your lower core tightness and glutes tightness can disappear in just few minutes with their 37 focused air cells installed inside the massage chair. It has everything else other massage chairs do, such has multi-setting pre-set massage therapy programs, customize massage based on your body size and shape, and heating that can guarantee comfort.


Overall, Panasonic MAJ7 3D makes to rank number #2 because of features and technology they offer. It is growing, especially in high class community. Having one of this in your home will give you the status and fame everyone wants. In addition, it will give you the quality that you can rely for years and years. There warranty program insures you get easy customer care during technical issues or mechanical issues. They are available 24/7, and always ready to attend customers need.

If price is not a factor, this would be the one I would personally purchase. They offer great customer service, high-end renounced technology, and quality massage chair that has equal or better outcome when compared to therapy in person. This is definitely my dream chair, a perfect piece of furniture to reflect your personality, class, and status.



TECHNOLOGY, TECHNOLOGY, TECHNOLOGY……If you love technology then this is made for you. In number #1, we have Kahuna SM-9000, an ultimate dream of technology lovers. The Kahuna SM-9000 has SL-Track system. It uses this technology to customize massage to follow the user’s spine curvature all the way to buttocks. If budget is not your concern, than this is made for you. The Kahuna SM-9000 has so much features and it costs slightly above 8k.body massage chair

It is design to improve performance and provide peaceful and calm massages. The SM-9000 is so gentle that you will barely feel when transition from massaging to reclining. High tech infrared heating is design to penetrate deep into muscle tissues, this dilate blood vessels and improve blood flow throughout the body. You will definitely feel great when blood flow is maximum in your neck, back and buttock areas. The Kahuna SM-9000 is made for soothing, stimulating, and vibrant massage experience.


In conclusion, this deserves to be number one in the rank list because of the quality and luxury it offers to the user. It is perfect for all body types and sizes as it can accommodate people upto 7 ft and 400 lbs. This is by far the one of the best massage chairs 2019. In fact, one customer thought this was better than real person giving you a massage.

“….SM-9000 at an amazing price!! I do not regret buying this chair. It feels as if I’m getting a professional massage from a person!!”

It’s so good that it is

“…..perfect for my bodyaches that actually have affected all areas of my daily living for past 40+ years. I’ve tried many massage chairs at various places, but never could find the one like this!”

We highly recommend this technology friendly, highly efficient massage chair for everyone looking for luxurious home massage chair. If you want that best massage chair 2019 than this is the right one for you.


Here is the video of our winner, Kahuna SM-9000.


Last Few Words

When it comes to buying a best massage chairs 2019, it takes lot of research and reasoning. It is a big purchase, and we want to ensure that you find best product in lowest possible price. I hope this rating will help you. Make sure to check my other recent post about brushless cordless lawn mowers.

If you find this useful, please share it with your friends and family so they can find best massage chairs 2019. Let everyone benefit from this review. Thanks for visiting my blog, see you again.


Top 10 Best Massage Chairs of 2019 - Reviews and Buyer's Guide!
  • Panasonic MAJ7 Real Pro Ultra Premium 3d Luxury Full Body Heated Massage Recliner Chair
  • RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II PLUS] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair with Built-In Heat and Air Massage System
  • Kahuna Superior Massage Chair with SL-Track 6 Rollers – SM-7300
  • Daiwa Massage Chair Extended L-Shaped Track Massage Chairs Legacy Massager Lounger
  • Real Relax Zero Gravity Full Body FDA Approved Affordable Shiatsu Electric Massage Chair with Heat and Foot Roller
  • Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 with Yoga & Heating Therapy
  • Osaki OS4000TB Model OS-4000T Zero Gravity Massage Chair
  • INADA DreamWave Massage Chair
  • New Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Zero Gravity w/Heat


I hope you pick the best massage chair according to your personal need. Hope you find the best mass chair 2019.

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  1. Massage chairs are great items to keep in your home. Modern massage chairs use advanced technology to mimic human massages.I use foot massager it really give me relaxation.

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