Haier 6-Bottle Wine Cellar with Electronic Controls Review

Haier 6-Bottle Wine CoolerIf you’re a beginner wine collector and not looking to spend much on wine coolers at this moment then Haier 6-Bottle Wine cellar would be the best solution for you needs. It is small and you can place it anywhere since it doesn’t hog much space. And more importantly it costs around $130 currently on Amazon.com. Overall a great product for beginners!

Let’s start with design – it comes with curved door design with smoked glass on the door. This gives you a perfect view of your wines all the time. The overall color of the whole cabinet is Black Trim/Black sort of texture. It looks quite good and you can easily place it on your counter-top if you like.

The interior has soft lighting so the interior also looks quite fancy when there are bottles stored in it. It comes with digital thermostat control so you can easily set the temperature. The Blue LED light display looks good and is readable all the time.

This is recommended for everyone who likes to have a bottle or two of wine around the house every time but don’t like to store them or collect them. It’s whisper quiet and holds a constant temperature to make sure that your wine stays under perfect condition. It’s a great product overall considering how low it’s priced at. You can also check detailed customer reviews from Amazon.com here.


If you require a Wine cellar that can hold more number of bottles then we recommend that you check the NewAir AW-281E wine cooler which we just reviewed on our site. It can hold up to 28 bottles at a time. If you like check other wine coolers/refrigerators that we’ve reviewed on our site then head back here – 10 Best Wine Coolers Review 2018.

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