Top 10 Footwear Styles For Women 2022

Footwear is something that women have always been very particular about. Any women would be aware that right footwear would be enough for her to steal the show. Undoubtedly, it is less noticed by people that it is nothing but her footwear giving her the gorgeous look for the event. Right footwear would not only complete the look for any season but also help you stay center of attraction. With changing fashion there are various changes in trends for footwear too. In 2015 we witnessed the magic of high heels and flats and in year 2022 there are a addition and subtractions to our favorite styles last year. Here are the top 10 footwear styles for women that are going to rule the industry in 2022.

1. Heeled Mules

heeled mules 2

Heeled mules are a great variety indeed for any closet. This is a perfect option for any professional look or regular wear. Heeled mules can be of different variety from closed toes to straps covered but short heels inevitable part of them. It looks beautiful and the great part it is making into the trend list of 2022.

2. Flats

flat slides 2

Flats are one of the fashion trends in industry that never fade out. Be it whatever season we would always love our flat footwear and that is the reason they are into the list of top 10 footwear styles in 2022.

3. White Sneakers

white sneakers 2

White sneakers are cool, trendy and can be paired along with any casual wear. They are very comfortable for you to wear for any long hours.

4. Peep Toe Boots

peep toe boots 1

Peep toe boots are in fashion and they are a perfect investment as one can easily wear them for part, meeting or just any casual event. Peep toe boots being stylish are perfectly comfortable to wear for long hours and that is may the reasons that are going to show up in the footwear industry again this year.

5. Lace Up Pumps

lace up pumps 1

Lace and pumps a stylish combination indeed. It looks glamorous and can be worn for party or any professional meet. They are comfortable and you can easily get various heel size options with this style.

6. Kitten Heels


Kitten heels look really cute and there are various style options available with them. They are perfect for those who are looking for heels but do not want to wear high ones. Kitten heels can be great option to go with all types of dresses.

7. Flatforms


Flatform is one another form of comfortable along with style factor. They are good for a party or casual wear. They help you get height of heels and comfort of flats. Any they are totally in fashion for the year 2022 there could be a no better reason to stalk one of these pairs for the year.

8. Heeled Mary Janes

heeled mary janes 2

Mary Jane style of footwear is one of those recurring fashion trends that have been loved by ladies over many decades. And why not these are beautiful they look glamorous are a perfect fit for a party or formal look what more. They are a perfect company for any type of dress to get along easily.

9. Pom Poms accompanied

pom 2

Pom Poms can give you that carefree look that you have always wanted to flaunt around. They are great looking and are available with many different styles from heels to flats and from peep toes to strings. Pom Pom accompanied with any footwear style is a fashion trend for 2022 that you would see around in fashion world.

10. Tassels accompanied

tassels 2

Tassels look glamorous sometimes and many times they look stunning over any footwear. They can be worn with any party dress or casual look and they give a great effect to complete your dress. Tassels are also available in wide variety of styles to choose from.

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